The Phil & Simon Show No 10 - Disability in documentaries

Feb 25, 2017, 05:12 PM

This month's podcast has a distinct media feel to it. First, we take a look at wheelchair user Frank Gardner's film about his trip to Papua New Guinea in search of Birds of Paradise. We then discuss Notes on Blindness a powerful film about Professor John Hull's journey into and through blindness and then we focus on Andrew Marr's film My Brain and Me which looks at strokes and the search for a "cure".

If that's not enough the recent Supreme Court ruling on buses and wheelchair spaces, and Andrew Neill's autobiography also get a mention. Finally, just to clarify something we discussed, Clause 4 was the socialist element of the Labour party constitution, i.e. nationalisation and workers own the means of production. 

We hope you enjoy the listen.

A transcript is available on our Facebook page.

Frank Gardner and Benedict Allen visit Papua New Guinea searching for the birds of paradise Touching the Rock book link Andrew Marr My Brain and Me Doug Paulley Supreme court ruling Andrew Neill Full Disclosure