Episode 119 - Brad Logan (F-Minus, Leftöver Crack, Exploding Fuck Dolls, Equus, ASBO Youth)

Feb 25, 2017, 08:52 PM

This week on the show, it’s one of Damian's favourite type of episodes! Sit back and enjoy as he sits down with F-Minus and Leftover Crack's Brad Logan! Then, marvel along with Damian as the show takes a completely different turn as Brad details his pre-recorded music history in early LA punk and hardcore. Not to be missed!

Also touched on:

A mother’s work is never done: mom buys you a Black Sabbath record

Ramones on the record store turntable

Hearing the Pistols and it being off to the races

Elton John is hard!

Seeing Van Halen “Sky Diving”

Seeing Kiss’ legendary show and not even knowing it

Discovering Rodney on The Roq

Before punk comes to Huntington Beach

When Van Halen’s roadie moves to town

Being Rock Nerds

Seeing the Weirdos in ’78

Seeing the Ramones on Christmas Day

Suicide Comandos

Dead Boys

The Shock

The focus of youth

Meeting the Alva Brothers!

Friend of Potatohead: The guy in the PiL Shirt on the cover of Group Sex

Getting your long head dyed blue by Mark Alva

Getting “DEVO” yelled at you by Jocks

Hanging with at the Oxford House

Twisted Roots

Meeting Ray Gange and seeing a shaved head for the first time

Going full on into punk

The Osce Hairs

Playing your first show on mushrooms: not a good idea

Rehearsing in SST on Black Flags gear

Castration Squad


Going on tour

Touring with the Misfits

The Misfits, Big Boys, NOTA in Austin

Playing with Husker Du

The Butthole Surfers at a Pizza Parlour

Joining Rik L. Rik’s band

Meeting Duane Peters in Jail

joining the Exploding Fuckdolls and living in the Chaos

The California Surfware Punk Scene

The Epitaph Summer Nationals

Seeing Rancid for the first time and having it chance your life