Episode #311: 311

- Andrew's worlds collide when The Boss' Harry Potter song finally surfaces!

- Cursed Child auditions are underway - we're all too tall!

- Dumbledore casting update

- Fantastic Beasts is nominated for two Oscars - we're not holding our breath!

- Our main discussion takes listener questions on the Fantastic Beasts core four

- How will Newt factor in to the larger wizarding war and the Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald battle?

- How much does Jacob truly remember? Will he make it out alive? Will he be more than the silly sidekick?

- Did Jacob and Queenie have a family? Quentin Kowalski would seem to suggest so.

- What will Tina's new role be? Will she take Graves' position? And possibly lead U.S. magical forces against the growing threat in Europe?

- What was the relationship between Tina and the real Graves like?

- Can Queenie turn off her powerful legilimancy abilities? How does she handle all of that information? What other talents can wizards and witches be born with?

- How can Queenie use her powers in the war to come?

- We announce The Slug Club - a brand-new level for patrons!

- PO Box update (thank you to everyone who sent us mail) and our voicemail line is returning!

Feb 26, 09:18 PM
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