Recruiting and Growing an Effective Sales and Marketing Team

Mar 03, 2017, 03:27 PM

Welcome to our latest podcast. In this episode, I speak to Peter Richards, a skilled business leader with experience of scaling technology businesses and used to handling demanding assignments in challenging financial climates. We will be looking not only at how an SME recruits and grows an effective sales and marketing team but also, and more importantly how this delivers a sustainable and scalable revenue stream. If your business plan includes scaling and exiting your business at some point the only real way to accomplish this is through revenue growth and to do this you will need a focused and dedicated S&M approach. S&M are both functions that are delivered through dedicated processes and the better the delivery the better will be the result. In all successful high growth businesses S&M are split into two discrete functions that are targeted by achieving their own milestones but ultimately their function is to win, retain and grow customers for you

We will look at  When is the right time for an SME to take on a dedicated sales and marketing team  How to start the process and get it right first time  How to de-risk the situation of recruiting the wrong S&M employees  How quickly to expect results from recruiting the right people  How to motivate and retain your team  How do ensure your team continue to deliver results and scale the business