Ep. #199: Mobs Are Scary and Chad is Back

Mar 02, 11:56 AM

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Mobs are Scary, this Jaime Kilstein thing and the return of Chad Shank.

Find a way to see "Punching Henry", Henry Phillips sequel to Punching the Clown. Streaming through iTunes, Amazon and playing in select cities. Official Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYiTCzl85b4

Birdcloud is touring in support of Reverend Horton Heat with The Goddamn Gallows, & Unknown Hinson - Dates at http://www.birdcloudamerica.com/on-tour/

Recorded Feb. 28, 2017 at the FunHouse in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@dougstanhope), Chad Shank (@hdfatty), Tom Konopka (@realtomkonopka), & Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille). Produced & Edited by Chaille. The Podcast Mixologist is Ms. Tracey.

May we suggest "Crashing" (HBO), "The Detour" (TBS ), & "Baskets" (FX)

Documentaries mentioned in this episode -

"Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis" - http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/eagles-of-death-metal-nos-amis-our-friends

"Shadow of Truth" - https://theplaylist.net/exclusive-horrible-discovery-made-clip-netflix-docu-series-shadow-truth-20170228/

"All This Mayhem" - http://films.vice.com/all-this-mayhem/

"The Congo Dandies" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W27PnUuXR_A

Closing song, "Vodkasodaburg", by Birdcloud. Available on iTunes.


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__danielpalmier - 8 months ago

Love listening to these!


linuxrules247 - 9 months ago

Yall, are funny I just realized it's comedy then it all made sense.


Hotar - 9 months ago

Got my ticket for Santa Cruz. fuck work