Ep 17 feat. Sycho Sid & Classic Audio w/ The Monkees: Should Hulk Hogan Be At WM 33?


Former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sycho Sid joins Bill at the top of this week's episode for a very rare interview discussing his entire career as well as taking a ton of fan submitted questions.

Bill then takes time to discuss a variety of headlines from this past week in wrestling including:

- Should Hulk Hogan return to WWE at WrestleMania 33

- The Hardys as free agents

- Jack Swagger teases leaving WWE

- Jim Ross teases doing commentary for Impact Wrestling

- Orton burning the Wyatt Family compound

- Erik Rowan cleared to return

- What to do with Balor at Mania if he is cleared?

This episode also includes classic audio from The Monkees as well Bill answering fan questions from the #AskApter mailbag.

Mar 03, 04:16 PM
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