Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 28: BLAST FROM THE PAST and Ryback's Top Ten Nutrition Tips

Mar 06, 2017, 06:46 AM

BOTCH!!! The WrestlePro Kickoff Show! Fake News! Nexus Reunion? Ryback's UFC Party. Feed Me More Shots. KNOW YOUR ROLE BUCK! Silly Funny Dumbbell Tweet. Spoiler Alert Pat Cena Wins! El Pollo Loco Pays for Ryback's pool. Welcome to Moe's. Pat's A List Group Chat. Gas Tippn'. Snake Skin Boots and Bodyslams. Body Guys and Trunk Importance. The Muffin Top. Is Kevin Owens paving the way for out of shape wrestlers? Feed Me More Nutrition coming to Amazon. Ryback vs the Big Guys...ALL THE TIME! How did Curt Hawkins make Bob cry? Million Dollar Full Nelsons. What is Ryback's Wine of the month. WWE HOF Talk. The LA Project! Monsee McGee??? How did Beth Phoenix affect Pat's career? Some Broken Hardy's talk. Mr. Reeves do you have Paige's number? WE THE PEOPLE. Huge Fn' Marks. BLAST FROM THE PAST! TLC 2012 Memories. MATCH OF THE YEAR! Ryback SMASH! TOUT meetings. Who came up with the Shield's Triple Powerbomb? Ryback's top 10 Nutrition Tips and MUCH MORE!!!, feed me more nutrition available now! Also Wake Up it's Feeding Time, also available now!

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