Studio Session on FHF - "Rio" Duran Duran - 03/06/2017

Mar 06, 11:31 PM

Studio Session on FHF - "Rio" Duran Duran - 03/06/2017

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zumaz - 7 months ago

Totally enjoyed this, just wanted to add that, as a bass player myself, it's the part behind the sax solo that amazes me most. Agreed, the song is definitely a stamina-fest. The bass playing in that break, though, wow. Play the fookin' bass John!


MissNovemberTuesday - 7 months ago

LOL, once again, Roger and John underestimated. This song is, in fact, almost ALWAYS played @ the end of the show. It actually is often an encore song or played just before they leave the stage prior to the encore, so yeah. Roger Taylor has some serious stamina, even @ almost 57.


locogirlp - 7 months ago

Heya guys.....

Big Duran fan here and I LOVED this deconstruction! What a great breakdown. But I've got to pass on one correction. Nick Rhodes' original surname was not's Bates. Hence the joke, "here's Master Bates." -- So he changed it to Rhodes.

Otherwise, rock on!