Salt FM UK In Conversation with Michael Odibe (Be Inspired With Shoggy Tosh)

Episode 9,   Mar 07, 2017, 02:12 AM

On march 4th 2017, Shoggy Tosh’s guest on Be Inspired With Shoggy tosh was Michael Chukwuwike Odibe, a Nigerian international playing in the Kazakhstan Premier League. Michael shared a number of things about himself with Shoggy Tosh, including his faith, the one football match he would always cherish, and a word of advice for his fans and Salt FM UK listeners. Born July 23, 1988 in Lagos, Nigeria, Michael has played for First Bank FC (Nigeria), Union Saint-Gilloise (Belgium), Siena (Italy), Südtirol (Italy), Arsenal Kyiv (Ukraine), Dnipro (Ukraine), Atyrau (Kazakhstan), Concordia Chiajna (Romania) and is currently playing for FC Akzhayik in Kazakhstan. Michael Odibe has scored 13 career goals till date as a central defender. He debuted against Sierra Leone for the Nigerian national football team in 2011. Join Shoggy tosh, Mondays and Saturdays, 8PM to 10PM BST on Salt FM UK ( for Be Inspired With Shoggy Tosh. Like Shoggy says, “Keep on being Inspired!”