The Grey Brown- A Story By Gauri Awasthi

Mar 17, 2017, 02:17 PM

The Grey Brown is a story written by Gauri Awasthi. This story was submitted by her for the Baaglatha Storytelling Competition. We found this story to be very interesting, and very different from the stories that we have published so far.
In Gauri's Own Words, "I have written a story called 'The Grey Brown'. The genre of the story is thriller. The protagonist of this story is Nancy, a young girl, and other characters are Luna, Lily, Amelia Brown and the teacher. The story traces a young girl going to school after Christmas holidays. She sees a statue she did not see in the school before. Strange things began and she wants to unravel the secret of the grey statue. I like reading thrilling books and like watching thriller, horror or suspense movies, that is why I chose to write a story based on this genre. Hope you like the story. Have a nice day."

For her award winning submission, she has received a coupon from Earth Baby. Visit