Episode 57: Keep The Faith

Mar 09, 2017, 02:32 AM

Are you nervous yet?

Things could not be closer in the race for the final 2 play-off places in the Elite League. With that in mind, Manchester Storm have the biggest weekend of the season so far lying in wait.

On this weeks edition of The Forecast, Player / Coach Omar Pacha rallies the fans, We hear from Matt Bissonnette with an update on his injury and how he has enjoyed his first year in Manchester, plus we review, dissect and preview all things Manchester Storm.

Nick Barlow is in Braehead with live end of period reports from Braehead Clan vs Manchester Storm, meanwhile back at Forecast HQ, Lee Middleton and Simon Harris try to piece the final parts of the playoff push together.

Plus a very special Man Crush Of The Week, as we step off the ice to remember why so many people fall head over heels for Ice Hockey.

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