Cowboys 2017 NFL Free Agency Talk w/ Keith Mullins

Mar 11, 2017, 11:02 AM

The first wave of the 2017 NFL Free Agency is under way and .... whew .... have things been happening. And we aren't even talking about the Tony Romo situation yet! As Keith Mullins put it ... "Things have gone from moving quickly to out of control!"

ED NOTE: Intro states date "February 10th" when in reality this was recorded on "March 10th." - the excitement of free agency affects all :)

The Cowboys-Way of today means big splash signings aren't the norm. 2017 isn't shaping up any different, yet there is still plenty of news. Which of their own players did Dallas pursue? Which players did they decide to move on? Clarity is the word of the day as the two analyst sift through the free agency chaff to detail what is happening this offseason for Cowboys Nation.

This pod is far ranging, in depth information in regards to the Cowboys 2017 NFL Free Agency efforts. You're looking for Cowboys NFL Free Agency and/or NFL Draft info? You came to the right podcast!

Two guys who can give you Dallas Cowboys NFL Free Agency insight are USA Today Cowboys Wire Keith Mullins and Sports Talk Line's NFL Draft Analyst Connor Livesay.

Livesay & Mullins keep it real, puts things in perspective for 2017.

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