Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 29: Don't dry your balls in the hand drying machine!

Mar 13, 2017, 04:13 AM

OH WOW! Ryback in a hardcore trampoline match. Backyard Wrestling Rates. The ManScout and Ryback's Mother! Big Poppa Pump Crashing the Podcast? Tell a story in the ring. Dave D-Struction's happiest day ever! I'm on a horse. Here comes Max Trouble. Back to the Massage Parlor we go! Hot Water Towels! The Pat Buck Virus Collection. Ryback's sad little Secret. Fan Mail and Horses. Side Fat Blues. Sweet Poppy Sanchez. What is the "IT FACTOR" in WWE world? What's Ryback drinking this week? Tweets on Fire. CM Punk on a Pole Match. Ryback new Universal Champion! Fastlane thoughts! Why didn't Goldberg vs Ryback happen? Will Daniel Bryan ever wrestle again? Is Roman Reigns the biggest heel in WWE? Someone had a "little" Problem with the Blast from the Past segment. Fan Questions! The Trust Factor in Wrestling. Who are the most underutilized WWE Talents? What did Ryback tell Vince McMahon at Gorilla? Big Guy Tips! Gym etiquette! All this and more!!!, feed me more nutrition available now! Also Wake Up it's Feeding Time, also available now!

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