Death of the Vibe Family

Here’s Rob and Callum with a new music podcast; for an hour or so we’re the leaders of this audio live-in cult… We’re not as charismatic as your classic late 60s cult leader, nor do we look like Dennis Wilson and we can’t offer up the company of natural beauties living pure from the land but we do have some good records to play you.Endless Boogie are here with 8 hypnotising minutes of fuzzy guitar and Paul Major’s cool drawl, 31Ø8 provide some ace baggy pop (rare in 2017), Halasan Bazar sound like their own psych-folk cult on ‘Freak’, Joan Shelley continues to be our go-to for folk and there’s some jazz from Chip Whickham. Plenty more else to enjoy too, join our family and give us the good itunes ratings.

Mar 13, 12:52 PM
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