Updated Episode 20 with correct audio - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 20 Episode 20 ns2pahz4

Mar 16, 2017, 08:05 AM

'ns2pahz4' ns2pahz4

NB: This is the updated version of Episode 20 with the correct audio!

Sorry about that...

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*New date for first life on Earth New evidence shows life began on Earth at least 3.77 billion years ago – that’s some 300 million years earlier than previously thought -- and at a time when Mars was also a warm wet world. Scientists discovered the tiny filaments and tubes formed by bacteria on the shores of Canada’s Hudson Bay..

*Star clusters discovery could upset the astronomical applecart Astronomers have discovered multiple generations of stars in a single star cluster. The discovery adds to a growing body of evidence that not all the stars in a single cluster were formed at the same time.

*New joint mission to Venus Scientists from NASA are meeting with their Russian counterparts to develop plans for a joint mission the Venus. The IKI Venera-D mission -- slated for launch around 2025 on either a Russian Proton or Angara rocket -- will include both an orbiter and a special hardened lander capable of surviving on the planet’s hostile surface for at least a few hours.

*New climate change satellite launched Arianespace has successfully launched the Sentinel-2B Earth observation satellite to monitor the rapidly worsening changes being caused by global warming. The spectacular night launch mission blasted into orbit aboard a Vega rocket from the European Space Agency’s Kourou Space Port in French Guiana.

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