What's wrong with the ACA is everything, Part 2. Charles Blahous, @wsjopinion.



(Photo: Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California holding the gavel used to pass Medicare Reform, laughs as)




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What's wrong with the ACA is everything, Part 2. Charles Blahous, @wsjopinion.

"...The CBO is required to assume that the ACA’s various taxes will all be collected in the future, even the ones that aren’t being collected now. The rest of us must be mindful of the ways that reality is departing from the scorekeeping assumptions. Recognizing these realities leads to the conclusion that the Republican repeal-and-replace bill, the American Health Care Act, could well achieve more than $650 billion in deficit reduction over 10 years, in comparison with the CBO estimate of $337 billion...."

Mar 18, 04:14 AM
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Rob_830 - 4 months ago

I agree, it won't and it shouldn't even be involved in it. Obamacare light is straight garbage


Mackie2 - 4 months ago

Gov't control of Health Care is absolutely not going to work, ever. We are 20 Trillion dollars in debt with the Gov't running things John, and your trying to tell me the very same people are going to reduce the deficit... if we let them run Health Care! Putzzz! Put some people on who will empower the " Forgotten Man" . If the founders can do it We can. Gov't Of the people, By the people, For the people!