Making the VA accountable again. @frosedc. @abc7news



(Photo:Veterans Affairs clinic opens in Tifton )

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Making the VA accountable again. @frosedc. @abc7news

"...In the past several years, VA’s civil service rules have hampered the department’s ability to dismiss an employee who engaged in an armed robbery; to recoup $400,000 in relocation benefits from two senior employees who abused their authority; and hold employees accountable for their failures to manage major construction projects, including the new hospital in Aurora, Colorado, that is now several years and nearly a billion dollars over-budget.

Even worse, the VA said it would have taken up to a year to fire a nurse who assisted in a veteran’s emergency surgery while under the influence of alcohol. The lack of accountability at the VA isn’t just a failure to our heroes; it’s dangerous.

This kind of behavior would never be tolerated in the private-sector, and is even more unacceptable coming from the men and women who are paid by taxpayers to serve our nation’s veterans...."


Mar 19, 12:00 AM
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