Hire the secret police Russian hackers for Wall Street. @johntamny @realclearmarkets @forbes



(Photo:White House Emails Reveal Largest Plot Ever Discovered To Destroy America )




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Hire the secret police Russian hackers for Wall Street. @johntamny @realclearmarkets @forbes

"...We should be embarrassed simply because Crankshaw’s analysis of Russian officialdom during the Cold War era likely describes those running the country today, only to a much greater degree. Lest we forget, during the Cold War era there was no market-driven way for the talented in the U.S.S.R. to be rewarded for their skills. If you were a Russian talent during the Cold War years government work was realistically the only way to attain a reasonable standard of living, along with occasional trips outside the horrid country. The typical official described by Crankshaw most likely represented the country’s best and brightest.


Fast forward to the present, and the skillful in Russia can increasingly feature their talents in the marketplace. Russia doesn’t represent perfect capitalism by any stretch, but few countries do. Still, talent is increasingly rewarded in the marketplace unlike during the 20th century. What this likely signals to us is that those working for the Russian state today would make the officials described by Crankshaw appear positively Churchillian or Jeffersonian by comparison...."

Mar 21, 03:56 AM
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