Appalachia Cumberland to the rescue. @salenazito @cnn @washingtonexaminer.



(Photo: (Drone over Downtown Cumberland, Maryland - Churches in 4k )

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Appalachia Cumberland to the rescue. @salenazito @cnn @washingtonexaminer.

Then something incredible happened.

The city — located in Appalachia at the base of converging mountain ridges, at the confluence of Wills Creek and the Potomac River — has long been known for a breathtaking view of church spires jutting from the rolling cityscape and reaching towards the heavens.

While the spires reached heavenward, the church congregations spread outward to help.

"I've never seen anything like it," Ziler recalled. "They just all showed up. We literally had people from all of the churches and all of the denominations show up and help us hold our ground."

They converged on the city blocks where those in need walked to come to Ziler's mission and get their meals; they made sure that all of those who needed food would get inside, but those looking to prey on the needy people would feel their presence.

Mar 21, 04:15 AM
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