Epidsode 4: Having a gas with Ryan Blaney


WARNING: 'This podcast contains strong language and mature content.' On the fourth episode of the Glass Case of Emotion podcast, Ryan Blaney, Kim Coon, and Charles Bush discuss topics surrounding the Phoenix race weekend, fart etiquette, calling Junior names, and classic movie lines.

Mar 22, 01:55 PM
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<user-4989159> - 29 days ago

Comb the perimeter!

<user-4984662> - about 1 month ago

Binge listening to all of the podcasts. Eating my dinner and the fart topic comes up. I continue eating and enjoy my meal. Huh. For as gross as that was while eating I love you guys enough that I powered through it xD.


horvathbw - 2 months ago

When is this bikini thing happening? LOL


Robmaccormick - 4 months ago

"Do you guys have a favorite kind of fart you like?" Snapped my head around with that.


Leb0y - 4 months ago

Great show guys, I look forward to it every week.