March 22, 2017: How To Become a More Patient Parent

Mar 22, 2017, 10:12 PM

Tejal Patel is an inspirational mindfulness coach and speaker. She gives tips on the things people can do TODAY to become a more patient parent.

Patel says that practicing deep breathing for 60-90 seconds at a time can help calm peoples' nerves and reduce anxiety.

Tejal;: "Having a foundation helps us calm our nervous system down and relax us. We need to allow ourselves to have mental breaks. When you create little habits throughout your day when you're pausing and breathing, it will help calm you down."

Brian: "How many times a day should you do this?"

Tejal: "I think you should do it three times a day: one time in the morning, one time during the day and right before bed. I'd suggest settling an alarm. That's what I do. I find that my energy starts draining after lunch time."

Patel says it's important to teach your child to do the breathing exercises as well. She suggests teaching your child to practice breathing exercises through a straw.

Tejal: "It's okay to feel impatient and it's okay for your child to feel that way. Practicing the breathing with your child can be really helpful when they start to feel anxious."

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