Bombshell! Full Solution to Reverse Aging in Human Cells Found with Dr. Bill Andrews

Mar 22, 2017, 10:42 PM

Part 2 of 2: Dr. Bill Andrews and his team rejoins the program to share his bombshell news that his lab has found a "full solution" for lengthening telomeres to reverse aging of human cells. An incredible breakthrough leading to humans seeing potentially 4 decades or more shaved off their biological age! Primate trials will start late 2017 and human treatments will start shortly after. Listen to both episodes to understand his work and to learn about this World Changing announcement and how to participate in the world's first treatment. You can hear Part 1: here

Dr. Bill Andrew's Team has developed a line of products that helps to rebuild your Telomere's. He explains all of these during the episode. In some cases, they build the shortest ones first, giving your cells a powerful punch back to youth. 

Current products available on the market: TA-65 ( - The very first natural product oral supplement that induces telomerase gene expression. There is also a Multi-level marketing company, Jeunesse, selling TA-65 under the name FINITI ( Product B or Isagenesis ( The second natural product oral supplement produced that induces telomerase gene expression. Defytime ( A powerful skin care product that contains the most telomerase inducer ever discovered. The inducer is called TAM-818 and produces 16% as much telomerase as is needed to lengthen telomeres. The TAM-818 gives your cells a powerful boost by targeting the shortest telomeres first, reverse aging in the cells that need it most.  Full Gene Therapy (primate trials late 2017). This is a system that introduces the telomerase gene to human cells. It produces 30 fold more telomerase in human cells than is needed to lengthen telomeres. This is the product that the team expects to see significant age reversal in humans in every way imaginable - "a full solution". Hear about participating in this revolutionary first treatment - listen to this episode!  

Guest Biographies: Dr. Bill Andrews is the president and CEO of Sierra Sciences. He has worked in the biotech industry for 28 years, focusing the last 15 years on finding ways to extend human lifespan through the intervention of telomere shortening in human cells.  Dr. Andrews earned his Ph.D. in Molecular and Population Genetics at the University of Georgia in 1981. He was a Senior Scientist at Armos Corporation and Codon Corporation, Director of Molecular Biology at Codon and at Geron Corporation, and Director of Technology Development at EOS Biosciences.    While Director of Molecular Biology at Geron Corporation from 1992 to 1997, Dr. Andrews was one of the principal discoverers of both the RNA and protein components of human telomerase and was awarded 2nd place as "National Inventor of the Year" in 1997 for this work. He is presently a named inventor on 35 US issued telomerase patents.    Dr. Andrews is an avid runner and enjoys participating in ultramarathons in his spare time. His ultimate goal is to run a 7 minute mile at the age of 130.   Learn more about Dr. Bill Andrews at     Catherine Oaks is an accomplished marketing & communications executive with global experience, Catherine Oaks is a recent addition to the Sierra Sciences team, handling marketing and PR for the company. Recognized for creating game changing thought leadership campaigns and generating recognition and awareness for products and services, Catherine has developed an expertise with challenger and established brands looking to reinvent their business model, and specializes in inbound marketing techniques utilizing social media, digital media integrated communications, as well as local search , web and SEO tools to expand networks and grow companies' spheres of influence.    Learn more about Catherine Oaks at