Get In The Van with PARTYBABY

Mar 25, 2017, 12:00 PM

Welcome to the first Get In The Van podcast a brand new series from DIY Magazine's podcast network, HI!

PARTYBABY from California, U S of A shot to attention in 2016 with their debut record 'The Golden Age of Bullshit' but this wasn't exactly their first rodeo. Having toured in other acts (Portugal. The Man) or as an engineer (30 Seconds to Mars), this have been touring hard in their current incarnation for the last year. This episode jumps back to late 2016 when they came over to the UK for a fairly gruelling run of shows first of all supporting the awesome VANT and then some headline shows of their own. So here they are recorded from hotels to dressing rooms around the country, in their own words, telling it like it is, from Trump to fistfights, jobsworth hoteliers to sold out shows, here's PARTYBABY's Get In The Van podcast. Special thanks to Andrew from the bands crew who took on the challenge of documenting the changing fortunes throughout the tour for us.

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