Episode #313: Cha-Ching

- Andrew is back and talks about his time in London!

- A controversial statement (of sorts) about the Harry Potter Studio Tour

- How did the studio tour compare to Andrew's set visits back in the day?

- Another Illustrated Edition is on the way (and it's probably not the one you think)

- Patreon Question: What book from the Wizarding World would you like JKR to write next?

- Our main discussion focuses on the newly released Fantastic Beasts book

- Newt was a spy for Dumbledore (according to Rita Skeeter)

- Dumbledore's relationship with Newt was "more than a schoolteacher"

- Six new beasts make the cut and one goes missing

- A key word in Newt's foreword is changed

- Our voicemail line is now open and Micah gets generous with our first callers

- Bonus MuggleCast: New theme park expansion

- See you in April for weekly episodes and our review of the Fantastic Beasts Blu-ray

Mar 24, 05:06 PM
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