Episode 123 - Brad Fry (Pissed Jeans, The Ultimate Warriors, The Grate Crashers)

Well, it may not be timely, but it is godly! This week on the show Damian sits down with a Pissed Jeaned Ultimate Gatecrasher Warrior and all around hell of a guy: Brad Fry! Join the two as they sit down to discuss Brad’s journey into punk, his brief duel life a wrestler in Chikara Pro and the art of making great music while not talking it too seriously, but also super seriously. RECORD COLLECTING TALK TOO!!!!!!

Also touched on:

Two years in the making

Getting in to punk through metal

Motley Crue covering the Sex Pistols

Getting to Guns N Roses

listening to DEICIDE on family vacation

Getting THE tape and getting into hardcore

working at a screen printing shop with the guitar player of Weston

91.7 FM’s Hardcore show

The mix bag shows of the 90’s

A scene of pop-punkers and tough guys

Playing in bands with Randy for 24 years straight

Forming the Ultimate Warriors

Being the goofy band playing with Orchid

The IDEA of touring seems great

getting into Pro-Wrestling

Hating wrestling

“WE WANT RAVEN’S BLOOD” Getting into ECW in ’95

UW gaining musical ability and wrestling knowledge at the same time.

Buying a wrestling ring

listening to Robby Brookside talk about GISM

deciding to start wrestling training

selling all your record to pay for school

The importance of Double Decker Records

Bovine records RULES!!!

Moo Cow Records

Getting the first piece of vinyl you play on

World Finest Hardcore Vol. 1

Forming the Gatecrashers


AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 26, 07:04 PM
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