Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 31: Wrestlemania/Backyard Wrestling

Mar 27, 2017, 05:00 AM

How is El Pollo Loco Stock doing? Wrestlecon preview! Awful Favorite Color Segway. Ocean Animals. Ryback vs the Wrecking Ball! The Big Guy vs the Big Guys…ALL THE TIME! The 18-34 Demographic. Nobody wants to like a jacked guy. Thoughts on Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Poolside Pat…Patterson. Stem Cell Therapy post surgery. Minor League Baseball Wrestling. Pat’s Irish Weekend. Where did we come from? Shoutout to Ghost Dad!!! Pat was almost a cop. Yokozuna, Fallah Bahh comparisons. Work Aggressive!!! Who was the greatest Big Man of all time? BAM BAM!!! Ryback the Backyard Guy! Hard Trampoline Bumps and the Perverts Backyard. Cactus Pat! Capt. Negative. N64 Wrestling Tournaments! What makes a GOOD or BAD wrestling shirt? The Keto Diet and the Big Guy! Ryback’s scary vox to Pat. The WRONG ADDRESS on the Wrestlecon Poster and the $1,500.00 loss. Ryback’s awkward drive through autograph experience. Reviews of the week! Pat and his Stem Cell Hair. Wrestling News! Thoughts on the Paige Situation. The 30 and over club. Skip’s Boner? WWE UK Tournament talk. Will WWE Buy ROH? Has NXT lost their Indie Buzz? The Big Guy in ROH? Wrestlemania 29 Rewind! Bipolar Big Show! All this and much more!!! Follow the Big Guy on Twitter @ryback22 and check out for official gear, loads of multimedia, and announcements you won't find anywhere else. Follow Pat Buck on Twitter @buckneverstops and get information on WrestlePro's upcoming events and so much more at