At The Movies - Episode #12/17

Mar 28, 2017, 10:52 AM

Popcorn at the ready as we head back into the cinema for a look at some of this weeks new releases.

Scarlett Johannson tackles one of her most gritty roles to date in a comic book story with a difference. Ghost In The Shell is our film of the week, a futuristic sci fi crime drama which follows Section 9, a state if the art counter cyberterrorism unit who face a threat so great that it could bring their technological world crumbling down.

Free Fire is the latest movie from director Ben Wheatley, set in a stereotypical crime torn past, this gun ho, dark witted thriller brings an unlikely allegiance as a deal is brokered between 2 very different factions.

And for the family this week its the return of The Smurfs in The Lost Village.

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