Case #8: Part 2 - The Disappearance of Catherine Winters

Apr 02, 2017, 08:40 PM

This is part two in our series on one of the oldest Unsolved Missing Person cases in the United States. Catherine Winters was only nine years old when she disappeared from her hometown of New Castle, Indiana on March 20th, 1913. Catherine's disappearance remains the oldest Unsolved Disappearance in the state of Indiana, as well as one of the oldest in the United States. Featuring Guest Co-Host Author Lisa Perry.

'Where did Catherine Winters Go?' is featured in this episode. Originally created in 1914 by Z.F. and Sylvester Gorbett. Recreated in 2017 by Emmy Award-Winning Composer Brent A. Allred of the Avec Music Podcast. Vocals by the great Allyssa Huff.

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