Conversation with the Big Guy Ep: 32 : WrestleCon!

Apr 03, 2017, 05:00 AM

Face to Face, together again! The Derrick Bateman Memorial Street Fight! Dick Kicks! Ryback is Pat’s Lawler. Opinions on post WWE work in ROH, Evolve and PWG. Buzz Rates. Cabana vs Ryback! WrestlePro at Wrestlecon talk. Different Crowd Dynamic in Orlando. How many matches has Dave Meltzer had? Selling to the ceiling. Negative Ryback Articles. Fake News Bennett, Wrestlecon vs Axxess. The Ryback Parody. The Pit of Spikes! One mark at a time! Balloons and Jesus. Weird fan requests. Old Friends Reunite. What bothers every wrestler in WWE? 3 hour lines and Chaos at Axxess! WWE trying to push away other companies during Mania Weekend. The Brooklyn Brawler Pre Sale. Review of the week! Poop is always funny. Ryback’s million dollar idea! WWE Promo Classes. Skippy isn’t afraid to shit the bed. Ryback’s promo in front of Vince. Ryback’s wrestling wish list. Pat’s New Japan Story. Car Etiquette. All this and much more!! Follow the Big Guy on Twitter @ryback22 and check out for official gear, loads of multimedia, and announcements you won't find anywhere else. Follow Pat Buck on Twitter @buckneverstops and get information on WrestlePro's upcoming events and so much more at