The Anxious Golfer's Experience with Mindfulness Meditation


There are so many times during a round of golf that creates anxiety for us and hinders great play. Have you ever identified your anxiety while on the golf course? How 'bout a 3 foot putt for par? Hitting out of a greenside bunker? First up on the first tee...without warming up? Now compare those shots to how you felt while hitting a ten foot putt for birdie after 2 consecutive pars. It’s amazing how a calm, confident state and being relaxed over the ball will garner More...much better results. Episode #160 of the GOLF SMARTER podcast investigates calmness while on the course and whether it truly makes a difference. Sports Psychology Consultant Ben Kline discusses his study on Mindfulness Meditation and the impact of meditation on golfers to understand whether they reported changes in their feelings of anxiety. Congratulations to Richard Dickens of Goldsboro, NC, winner of the Perfect Putting Machine. This week's quote comes from Ken Kishahara of Fresno, CA. It was Bobby Jones who said "The first really practical method of teaching is of course personal instruction, where both the teacher and the pupil have a club in hand, and one can illustrate and correct, the other repeat and swear." * Send us your favorite golf quote to use at the end of the program. We'll give you credit, too. Click on "Hey Fred" at and use "Quote" as your subject. * Let us know what you thought of this program and the content of GOLF SMARTER. We read and respond to your feedback. *Join our Golf Smarter Group at, to share thoughts, videos, photos and conversation.

Jan 07, 2009, 12:00 AM
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