Vitalogy-ology Part 7: Pearl Jam's Legacy Band Years


We wrap up our series on Pearl Jam by looking at the band's three most recent albums — 2006's "Pearl Jam," 2009's "Backspacer," and 2013's "Lightning Bolt." For a band whose career often teetered on the brink of dysfunction and chaos, Pearl Jam has settled into a period of stability and relaxed comfort in recent years. Looking ahead, Pearl Jam seems poised to go on forever like the Rolling Stones. To figure out how we got here, Steve talks with Mark Wilkerson, co-author of "Pearl Jam Twenty."

Apr 05, 05:00 PM
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ELSeverson3 - 4 months ago

Just finished listening to entire Vitalogy-ology podcast. Really cool man. Enjoyed listening to all the different insights, definitely helped stoke the fire of my lifelong love of Pearl Jam. The band to take your kids to and pass down through generations (a la Rolling Stones) - that's a satisfying thought.


rectormsw - 5 months ago

In case you're interested, those of us over at Red Mosquito have been discussing your series for 17 pages. Come join us if you like.