Episode 124 - Jonah Ray (Hidden America, The Nerdist Podcast, Mystery Science Theater 3000)

Apr 07, 2017, 02:04 AM

It may be late, but it is right on time with awesome! This week on the show Damian is joined by his buddy Jonah Ray! Sit back and enjoy the two chatting about growing up punk in Hawaii, the transition to the world of comedy and being a tour guide to youth crew legends.

Also touched on:

Meeting for the first time over getting some free stuff!

Hanging with SXSW and watching NoFX

the Jugglos of the punk world

Brian Posehn will pay you money to risk your life

The best of SXSW ever?

Black Flag from Nirvana

Metallica goes to Hawaii

Strife comes to town

Civ plays but it’s not all ages :(


Unit 101

punk: An all ages neverland

“There’s two different scenes for that?!?”

Hawaii: Who would want to leave once you are there?

Jonah’s pop punk band: YourOuts

Jonah’s punk band: God Our Dictator

Jonah’s hardcore band: 36 Chambers

Jonah’s post hardcore band: Quarterhead

“You will use everything you ever learnt”

The realities of being a Hawaiian diy band

Ray Cappo stays over and isses your record collection

the Fat Wreck Chords of hardcore

Comedy people: not always the best taste music