April 6, 2017: Action Against Syria Sends Message to China / N. Korea

Apr 07, 2017, 05:36 AM

How will the today's US air strike on Syrian air base effect international relations in Asia?

Caller - Not only is it a sign post / milestone of maturation of Donald Trump from private citizen, to candidate, to President of the United States, but also the context in which these actions were taken. With the President of China at Mira Lago tonight, isn’t it a clear message to China that if you don’t take care of N. Korea, WE will. (i.e. what we just did to Syria.)

John - And that is precisely what the President, and Secretary Tillerson, and Secretary Mattis have been telling the Chinese. Just yesterday, President Trump made clear that if they cannot agree on what to do, the US would be prepared to act unilaterally.

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