Connected to Chicago - 04-09-2017

Apr 07, 2017, 08:39 PM

Former Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, Pat Brady talks with Bill Cameron to discuss leadership in the republican party, and other pressing issues such as the recent U.S. missile strike on Syria. Brady touches on the American people rallying around the flag in times like these. Brady also shares his thoughts of Donald Trump, specifically the quality of job he will do as President, and if he will serve a full term. Pat continues by stating he does not like the recent Supreme Court nomination, specifically how the situation has been handled.

Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain's, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times to discuss Neil Gorsuch's confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice. They also discuss the new Lifetime Budget which affects Chicago Public Schools and Senior Citizens. The round table also shares their takes on the recent U.S. missile strike on Syria.

World Water Day was marked in recent weeks and we talked to one of the automakers about their conservation efforts, especially here in Chicago. Andy Hobbs, Ford's Environmental Quality Office Director tells us how water is used in auto manufacturing and how the ford plant, on Chicago's South Side, has made moves to help reduce water usage. The Chicago Assembly Plant's side-stream electrolysis system was installed in early 2016 and is one of the largest cooling towers at the plant. Ford says the project has helped them save 3-million gallons of water in the last year and they are planning to take what they did in Chicago and use it at other plants, later this year.