The Mojo Radio Show - Ep 119: Have your Customers Fall in Love with your Brand through Customer Service - Peter Applebaum

Apr 08, 2017, 10:56 AM

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How to Create your own Media Platform to Build Better Client Relationships?

Peter Applebaum has worked across 35 industries helping companies to market their products and services.

In 2001, Peter established Tick Yes a digital social media company helping brands achieve business and marketing objectives.

Peter regularly features on TV programs like Switzer, A Current Affair and Today Tonight as their marketing expert, and is a regular contributor to business publications.

In this show, we dig into the customer service process & how we get our clients to really fall in love with our brands through our customer service and the relationships we create.

This show allows you to sit back and consider the relationships you have with your customers and create romance.

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