Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 33: Wrestlemania Review and Bad Infections!

Apr 10, 2017, 05:00 AM

The Giggling Englishmen. How would Pat make Ryback a better wrestler? Pat’s Strike Drill. Ear Smacks! Ryback really loves the old throat thrust. What were Ryback’s two biggest weaknesses? The banned eye poke! The Sheamus Knee. It was a shitty week. How important is rest? Funny Nova Chop/Superkick Spot! Pat Buck’s injury. Wrestlecon Money Incident. Open Safes and Ripped Jeans. Terrifying Emergency Room Experience. Pat slits his wrist…and thigh. Injury and illness talk. How do I strengthen my immune system? Nappn’ aint easy. Ryback’s stem cell shoulder repair. How did Ryback’s dad piss him off? Pat can’t drink on his meds. How does Trent like to drink his Zevia? Court with the Big Guy! The penis judges hammer! Review of the week. Wrestlemania Review!!! How did Ryback break Pat Buck’s heart. Thoughts on Sid and Sabu. Vince Loves Football Players…not Football. Ryback’s singing with Sid. How great was Mongo? Too many BIG’s in wrestling. Vince is a closet rap fan. Vince Googling…best new twitter account. Fat Indy Boyz! Hunters Big Entrance. Great storytelling and getting guys over via association. Who would Ryback want to call one of his dream matches? Fan Questions! Why doesn’t the WWE do mass releases anymore? How much control does Hunter have? KING BIG GUY! Thoughts on Simon Gotch and his departure from WWE. When does he blow the green mist pal? What is one of the Fink’s jobs in WWE concerning former talents working the independents? Let’s get Curtis Axel on tv!
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