Episode #027: Girl Gone Blind, VIP Project, Connect around the country


This week we get reaction to what some have called a controversial blog post by a blind mother, plus there's news of a project that could help you get into music, plus we go around the country with two of our Community Facilitators. #RNIBConnect #TheWeeklyConnect

Apr 11, 10:46 AM
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OzAlves - 3 months ago

Hi. I'm amazed with this podcast.
I'm engaged with podcasts since 2012 and would love to be able to help you guys to carry on this project. Let me known I can give practical support for this project.
I'm currently working at the Adults' Social Care with the Visually Impaired service at West Sussex County Council and I have been part of the recording and edition of a podcast about Geek/ comedy subjects back in my country. But I believe there is a potential on the Podcast Media for the visually impaired and I'd love to support you.

Please email me if you need any practical support.