DLG2013 Dr. Lisa just can't categorize musician Joseph Keckler.

Apr 12, 2017, 12:22 AM

The easiest way to describe what Joseph Keckler makes is music. But that doesn't begin to cover it-the Vice Articles, videos, books and EVERYTHING.. The New York Times declared him a “major vocal talent” who “shatters conventional boundaries. In this session we explore Joseph's creative process and how he handles the press making such a fuss about him. He is very genuine the whole time I am asking him bull-in-a-china-shop questions. I got to meet him because he is the talent for the Art F City Benefit this year and I am helping plan it. LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC - completely unique and undescribable: http://www.josephkeckler.com/ And come to the Art F CIty Benefit, April 18th! http://artfcity.com/2017/03/21/announcing-the-art-f-city-goth-opera-a-benefit-youll-never-forget/ #music #opera @josephkeckler #art #artfcity #baroque #video @vice