Labor trouble shuts down Big Space on French Guiana. Bob Zimmerman,



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Labor trouble shuts down Big Space on French Guiana. Bob Zimmerman,

The labor strike that has shut down Arianespace’s French Guiana spaceport has taken to turn for the worse with an attempt by about 30 strikers to occupy the spaceport.

The article provides almost no details. We also have had no recent updates on the state of the labor negotiations. At the moment it appears this strike could last a while.

The general strike that has crippled the Arianespace facility in Kourou for a fortnight has taken a new turn.

Around 30 strikers attempted to occupy the spaceport that has been at a standstill since the start of protests against poor infrastructure and working conditions on the French dependency.

Across the department workers have been protesting over employment conditions, high crime rates, and proposals to privatise a local medical centre.

A billion-Euro aid package has been rejected by union leaders who want a cash injection to develop the Island made famous by Henri Charrière’s Papillon.

The Ariane 5 launch vehicle, with its SGDC and KOREASAT-7 satellite payloads, remain in a stand-by mode.

Apr 13, 12:00 AM
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