04.12 Five MLB Questions with Sports on Earth's Will Leitch

Apr 14, 2017, 04:13 PM

1:30: 1. Biggest storyline one week into the MLB season? 5:30: 2. What can we do to grow excitement in the game of baseball? WBC’s effect? 12:50: 3. What’s next for Statcast/baseball analytics? Any MLB Plus broadcasts on the horizon? 19:05: 4. Where did Deadspin’s White Sox “joke” coverage derive from?

22:10: 5. What was November 2, 2016 like for a huge Cardinals’ fan?

26:00: Illinois Basketball talk 28:00: Recapping Jon Groce era 30:45: Introducing Brad Underwood 34:15: Will talks Casey off the Illini ledge