April 14, 2017: Copie's Choice!

Apr 14, 2017, 10:09 PM

Here are Brian's pick's for this week! READING I was just a baby in November of 1965 when journalist, radio and television star Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her New York City home. I am not old enough to remember her nationally syndicated column or her 15 year run on television's WHAT'S MY LINE. I knew her name though as it comes up in conspiracy theories about the Kennedy Assassination. This week I've been thoroughly engrossed in a fascinating new book about her life and mysterious death. In THE REPORTER WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, author Mark Shaw makes such a compelling case for murder (the official story is that she accidentally overdosed by mixing barbiturates and alcohol) that the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has begun a reinvestigation of long cold case. Throughout the 1940s, 50's and 60's, Kilgallen's media power, presence and influence rival that of Oprah's today. On radio, she had a daily breakfast brogram listened to by millions and WHAT'S MY LINE was a perennial ratings favorite. However, it was as a columnist and investigative journalist that she really made her mark, covering every major trial from the Lindbergh kidnapper's to the murder trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard for a case that was the basis of the television show and film, THE FUGITIVE). In 1964, Kilgallen began to look into the murder of JFK. She obtained the only interview with Jack Ruby, the killer of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. What she learned in that interview as well as in her subsequent investigation is unknown. She kept the transcript as well as notes, photographs and other information on the assassination in a large file that never left her sight. She was working on a book which was to include information on the killing that she called "the scoop of the century". She told those-close to her that she had proof that Oswald was part of a conspiracy and that if the "wrong people" discovered what she knew, she'd be killed. She was found dead in a bedroom she never slept in, wearing full makeup and false eyelashes (which she'd always remove before bed) with a book in her lap that was upside down, that she'd already read. The glasses she needed for reading were no where to be found. Toxicology reports Shaw found indicated that there were three different barbiturates in her system that she didn't normally take. And, they were administered in powder form, emptied from their capsules. Kilgallen's assassination file has never been found. Mark Shaw will be my guest May 4 on KGO810. In the meantime, READ THIS BOOK.

LISTENING J Geils of THE J GEILS BAND passed away this week, so I've been in a bit of an 80s time machine listening to their 1981 album FREEZE FRAME. I can't tell if the album (and the mega hit CENTERFOLD) actually hold up or if I'm just enjoying feeling like I'm 17 again. Regardless, the video is still awesome in my humble estimation. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BqDjMZKf-wg Also been getting some great motivation from the Optimal family of podcasts. They are a great concept. In 5-7 minutes a day, some of the best personal development blogs are read to you. I like to listen at the gym. OPTIMAL HEALTH DAILY is readings of blogs on fitness and diet. OPTIMAL FINANCE DAILY is money and savings readings. OPTIMAL LIVING DAILY is great information on getting the most out of life and OPTIMAL STARTUP DAILY consists of blogs on business and entrepreneurship. Check them out!

MASTER CLASS I've been really enjoying the online MASTER CLASS courses that I first found out about through Facebook ads. For around $70, you can learn Acting from Kevin Spacey, singing from Christina Aguilera, comedy from Steve Martin and more. You go at your own pace and you get some pretty good inside tips from the masters in each field. I took the James Patterson writing course last fall and learned a lot about crafting thrillers. Next I'm taking Shonda Rimes course of television. See what they have to offer at MasterClass.com.

THEATER My hit solo play, NOT A GENUINE ...