Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 34: The Big Guys Court!

Apr 17, 2017, 04:37 AM

Mark 4 Life is BACK! The Big Guy is going international! What’s his rate??? Added Stipulations post WWE to lower independent booking value. Let’s talk about Simon Gotch. Promoter Woes. Sharing a locker room with the Big Guy! How’s Pat’s infection? Does Pat still have his leg? Tap-Out Gifts. WWE’s business ventures. What is Vince doing on his phone in gorilla? Some Jeff Cobb Talk! Super Realistic Triple German Suplex Spot! Protecting the Brand! Explaining the AJ Styles vs RVD Finish in Rahway a few years back. Demolition vs Powers of Pain Story. How tall is the Warlord? The Self Sufficient Superstar. Good luck finding fat cells doctor! Ryback going under! Nutrition tip of the week. The sex contraption. Almost at 1 million listens!!! Opinions on the United Airlines Situation. Stem Cell Therapy and faster recovery times. Pat’s Brother secretly takes the Big Guy Test Booster. The Doctor Promised Pat he’d be 6’2…How did John grow tits? Who had tits this week on Raw? Jinder’s Veins. Wrestling News! JBL Bullying, the Finn Balor Concussion and more! Forced Pushes. Why doesn’t Finn use the paint all the time? More Vince McMahon Googling. Tye Dillinger's call up and Pat’s memories of him. Irish Heat! If you’re not in the inner circle, it doesn’t matter what you do. The Cash of Clans. Running Shows in Long Island is a nightmare. Frank Goodman’s 7 hour shows. Ryback’s a black olive guy! Why does the WWE send heels to do local media? Are there any muscles Ryback wishes were bigger? THE BIG GUYS COURT!!!

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