Country Hour for Monday 17 April, 2017

Apr 17, 2017, 05:44 AM

The competition watchdog is set to hand down a decision on whether telecommunications companies should be forced to provide roaming services for all mobile users

Kondinin Group general manager Ben White has been researching the effectiveness of in-car repeaters to boost mobile phone coverage

A study has found the Australian sheep industry stands to benefit from growing consumer demand in developing countries, where sheepmeat consumption is increasing, despite rising prices

Butchers say customers have started to feel the squeeze of high beef and lamb prices, and retailers are worried consumers will turn away from red meat

The Australian mining industry is on the verge of a new mining boom based around so-called tech metals

Pantoro gold mine in the Kimberley had its most productive quarter on record, which was boosted by a high gold price

The Karratha Woodside gas plant lost power at the weekend during what the company has describes as a production outage

West Australian marri honey prices have doubled in the past month thanks to a boom in international demand

Riding a donkey backwards proves to be a winner during the Mexican Donkey Race at the Aileron Rodeo