At The Movies - Episode #15/17

Apr 17, 2017, 11:31 PM

Popcorn at the ready as we head back into the cinemas to take a look at some of this weeks new releases.

Our Film Of The Week is Unforgettable, Katherine Heigl plays Tessa who is not taking the end of her marriage all that well. When her ex husband David (portrayed by Geoff Stultz) finds love again rather quickly with Julia (Played by Rosario Dawson) , her emotions turn to enraged jealousy and she does everything she can to end Julias dream of having the perfect family.

Their Finest follows a team from the British Ministry of Information as they squabble and blugeon their way through the process of making a morale-boosting film about the Dunkirk evacuation as the blitz rumbles on around them.

And Warren Beatty leads an ensemble cast in Rules Dont Apply - A romantic Drama about the forbidden relationship between an upcoming actrees and her driver set in 1960's Hollywood.

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