Holloway's Howler - Brentford v #QPR pre-match podcast from the pub w guest QPR blog Loft for Words

Apr 20, 2017, 05:50 AM

Clive Whittingham from QPR blog Loft For Words joins the Beesotted crew at The Banker Pub on The River Thames near Monument for this week's pre-QPR podcast.

And on the menu this week - The Crucifixion of Derby County over the Easter weekend and what players can you remember who were initially crucified but then resurrected.

Brighton are promoted. But what is the cost of promoton with The Albion supposedly running up £190m in debts. We look at other possible promotion AND relegation teams' accounts and analyse what the cost is of their success and failures.

We chat briefly bout the Beesotted social at The Drayton Court Hotel with Gary Roberts, Graham Benstead, Francis Joseph and Billy Manuel plus comedian, magician, DJ, food and beer. We also discuss a future Beesotted home brew competiton idea.

Plus we discuss Ian Holloway and his QPR team - and how they will fare at Griffin Park at the weekend.

In The Banker boozer:

Billy Grant Dave Lane Lord Lou Can Boyd Jimmy Mac Clive Whittingham from Loft for Words

0m - Intro 10m 21 sec - Fans in the pubs after Derby & Barnsley matches 17m 31 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Barnsley and Derby matche 30m 25 sec - Brighton promotion. What is the cost of success with Brighton running up £191m debts. How are other clubs faring in the promotion and relegation race? 1hr 04min 36 sec - The Beesotted Social in Ealing and Homebrew 1 hr 09min 19 sec - QPR match discussion 1hr 32min 05 sec - END

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