4/19/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Apr 20, 2017, 01:06 AM

Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News after 20 years at the news network. He became a target of the leftist media including the New York Times, CNN, and Media Matters. The same news media for the longest time was dismissive and protective of Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct. This is we have to rely on alternative conservative outlets for informative like talk radio, websites and CRTV. Also, neither win in the Georgia and Kansas special elections boasted numbers that should make anyone in the GOP feel comfortable. Congressional leadership deserves the blame for squandering the bicameral majority the party garnered in November 2016. Instead of keeping their campaign promises, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were lacking in vigor and resolve and have been dragging their feet, kowtowing to the party’s liberal wing, and falling short of their campaign promises to the American people. If they continue on this path, without heeding the warning signs of a dramatically-closed margin of victory in Kansas and Jon Ossoff taking almost half the vote in Georgia, it’s worth asking if the Republican party is capable of surviving. The only way you can correct course is to accept reality, to be sober about what’s going on. Also, UC Berkeley has cancelled Ann Coulter's appearance and speech. President Trump should federalize the California National Guard and get AG Jeff Sessions to walk Coulter on stage. It’s time to put down the violence. Enough is enough.