Syrian Air Force secures Russian Air Defense. @andrewtabler Malcolm Hoenlein @conf_of_pres



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Syrian Air Force secures Russian Air Defense. @andrewtabler Malcolm Hoenlein @conf_of_pres

CNN)The Syrian government has relocated the majority of its combat planes to protect them from potential US strikes, two US defense officials told CNN Wednesday.

The movement of the aircraft to the air base at Bassel Al-Assad International Airport began shortly after the US's April 6 Tomahawk cruise missile strike on Sharat air base, which destroyed some 24 Syrian warplanes in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack that the US says Syria launched from that airfield.

The move places the Syrian aircraft in close proximity to Russia's Khmeimim Air Base -- where the majority of Russian air forces helping ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime are based -- in Latakia Governorate, Syria.

Apr 21, 07:10 AM
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Autobot117 - 4 months ago

This was a very confusing interview. Tabler inadvertently makes the case for Assad to remain through his description of the rebels. So we want those thugs to replace thug Assad? Or are we supposed to believe that the rebels aren't war criminals also? Then Tabler confuses his position by stating that Assad can't be rehabilitated since he used chemical weapons again. So presumably we are left with the US seeking to overthrow Assad. Then what? And don't leave the "then what" out as Rumsfeld did with Iraq and Obama did with Libya. Did Tabler forget Iraq and Libya? If Assad falls, we know what will happen. Will someone please explain this to Tabler. So you stop the Shiite crescent by toppling Assad but you replace it with a new civil war between the myriad Sunni Islamist factions. Brilliant.