Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 35: Wrestlers are people too!

Apr 24, 2017, 05:00 AM

We Hit ONE MILLION!!! Ryback’s Surprise Booking. What makes Ryback Blue? Mark 4 Life is missing again. The Big Guy is headed to Germany! Ryback’s Stem Cell Surgery and Fat Graft! Lifting the Local Big Guy. 8 WEEKS??? Shooting from the Hip. Just throw the singlet on. Superkick Shine, Superkick Shine! The Giant Gonzalez Muscle Shirt. Is Pat still infected? The importance of Health Insurance. Wrestlers are people too. Is Pat a boxers or briefs guy? Ryback the Whitey Tightie Guy! Rubbing Bucks Leg. Does Pat Buck have Diabetes? The Medical Money Grab. How did Pat and Ryback discover ECW? Pat’s former Pro Wrestling tv Show. Late Night Infomercial Ryback. The Amazon Situation. Lets talk some Fake Fighting. The longest ad read EVER. Why does Ryback shave his head…and ass? What was Trent’s best tip ever for Pat? Back Shaving Woes. Ginger Pubes and Fire Crotch. The Weight Loss Podcast! Give it to me slowly, I want to feel it. Ryback’s infamous hospital promo. Some Wrestling Talk. The Superstar Shakeup! What’s the better show, Raw or SmackDown? Special Guest Referees. is 205 Live being cut to 30 minutes? The Benefit of having Sold Shows. If there was a movie of the Big Guy, who would play Ryback and who would play Pat Buck? The Big Guy and the Little Guy tv show. The Big Guy’s Court Returns! From Mark to Shark! Razor Ramon T-Shirts and Hospital Socks. All this and much much more!

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