Prisoner of War toy

Dec 12, 2011, 10:32 AM

A dramatic interpretation of an exchange between a guard and the prisoner of war who made this toy. It was written by Olivia Atherton, Belinda Li and Erin Fuller and is performed by Thomas Nicholson and Daniel Martin.

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leedsmuseums - almost 6 years ago

‘Toy for sale! Toy for sale! Anyone want to buy a wooden pull along crocodile?’
‘Oi! You’re a German War Prisoner! You can’t be selling your tainted toys in this war prison here in beautiful Yorkshire!’
‘Why not?’
‘Because you’re in prison! Anymore of this ridiculous toy selling and you’ll be punished! Now get back to work in the quarry!’
‘I just wanted to make some money. This war prison is killing my passions!’
‘Get used to it.’

If you press the button next to the map, you can see where the Leeds Prison of War camps were. This German prisoner could’ve been in either of these or others in Yorkshire.