Intermission 5/4/2017

Apr 25, 2017, 01:33 PM

Todays show was presented by Oliver Thompson, Kieran Hickman and Danny Cheetham. Joao Oliveira (our technical producer) also features at the end.

In this Intermission show we talk about recent music news including talk about English and European festival line-ups, and new music being released soon! We also have an interview with the band Kermes, ahead of their appearance at Handmade Festival this April, we recorded a song with them as well. Our presenter Kieran went down to the opening night of The Shed in Leicester and spoke to some people about what they think of the newly refurbished venue, Danny and Oliver went around the King Power Stadium asking LCFC fans about their upcoming games, and they also played a game in the studio where Danny had to guess the numbers of players (randomly selected by Oliver) All of this and more in our final ever Intermission show!

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